Coaching & Development, Data & Innovation, Leadership & Culture, Performance | Mar 9, 2020

Welcome to Coachmaker: What the Modern Coach Needs to Know. 

Here at the Leaders Performance Institute we know that coaching is as complex a profession as it has ever been. 

Access to knowledge and capability in high performance environments is at an all time high; which means coaching staff must consider a growing list of factors to ensure their athletes are performing at their very best.

So where does the coach of today need to focus their attention?

Drawing on specialised expertise from organisations such as Ulster Rugby, the Minnesota Timberwolves, and even the US Special Operations Command, our latest Special Report, Coachmaker: What the Modern Coach Needs to Know is a must-read for any coach.

In chapter 1, we delve into the complexity of coaching environments in 2020 through the eyes of Geelong’s Chris Scott and Ulster’s Dan McFarland, who challenge a selection of perceived coaching wisdoms of recent years. 

In chapter 2, we look outside of sport for our inspiration. Brigadier General J Daniel Caine, who serves as the Deputy Commanding General of United States Central Command’s Special Operation Component, lays out the ground rules for US Special Ops as they seek to remove as many variables as possible from recruitment. 

A few pages along, Clare Muireann Murphy has made her name as an international storyteller to some of the biggest organisations in the world and she is here to explain why storytelling might be your most undervalued coaching tool. 

In chapter 3, Adam Beard, the Director of High Performance at the Chicago Cubs, takes centre stage as we make a five-pointed argument that head coaches and managers everywhere should embrace the directors of performance in their building if they want to maximise their chances of success. 

Finally, in chapter 4, the Vice President of Basketball Performance and Technology at the Minnesota Timberwolves, Robby Sikka, says that as data proliferates the best way to make it work is to give it a human face, which is a team-wide effort. 

We have approached coaching and development from every angle and extracted the key insights for coaches whether you aspire to move from a position-specific role to a heading coaching position or a head coach looking to steal a march on your counterparts. 

Something for every coach, we hope, and perhaps you’ll find a useful conversation starter for your next project, as you look to outperform in the weeks and months ahead. 

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