Data & Innovation, Performance | May 5, 2020

Welcome to Analyse This: Managing Your Metrics.

This latest Leaders Performance Institute Special Report is not about data, not really, which is why we have shied away from that term when thinking of a title.

We wish to explore, through the eyes of our performance panel, the ways that sports as diverse as NBA basketball, tennis, rugby league, netball and skeleton leverage datasets within the wider performance discourse.

In chapter 1, we delve into the efforts of our panel to create cultures of data exploration within their organisation and pick out the 10 things we think you need to know regardless of how far along the line your team is when it comes to managing your metrics.

In chapter 2, we shift our focus and allow the our panel to tell us what they feel coaches and athletes need to learn and understand from the data they use. Fitness, tactics and even choices of equipment are top of the agenda.

In chapter 3, we deliver five tips for challenging existing processes and systems through the data you have at hand, from being mindful of your vocabulary in conversations to iterating and reiterating when your data collection models are stress-tested.

Finally, in chapter 4, our performance panel explain how they plan to use data in the short to medium-term. The evolution of the rules or the opposition represent one area of enquiry, but so are study visits to other organisations. And will there ever be a time when we are able to model injury?

We have explored the world of data analysis from the point of view of both the data collectors and the data users and it is clear that the best work is being done when performance departments and front offices fully understand that data is here, not to take over, but to better inform your decision-making.

A little something for everyone, we hope, and perhaps you’ll find a useful conversation starter for your next project, as you look to outperform in the weeks and months ahead.

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