Coaching & Development, Human Performance, Performance | Sep 29, 2020
Welcome to The New Now: Navigating High Performance During an Ongoing Pandemic.

With sport having returned to play in all corners of the globe, attention turns to the ways in which practitioners can continue to deliver while the pandemic remains a factor in our daily lives. To that end, The New Now delivers a snapshot of the work being done across elite sport to navigate these uncharted waters.

At this time, maybe more than ever, your relationships with your colleagues and peers are essential. With this in mind, chapter 1 illustrates six considerations for high performance teams in the weeks and months ahead. We feature peer to peer dynamics, as well as the value in giving your practitioners a voice and the steps you can take to bring clarity to your performance messaging.

The focus then switches to the relationship between athletes and coaches, as chapter 2 explores some of the latest approaches to talent development. We detail some ways in which training environments and skill acquisition can be calibrated to harness the ever-growing autonomy of athletes. As ever, trust is essential when looking to evolve your programs and philosophies.

It’s not all about the physical either. The stigma around mental health in sport continues to recede, which is critical given the ways the pandemic has increased levels of stress and anxiety to your athletes and staff alike. Chapter 3 explores steps that all teams can take to ensure the wellbeing of their people.

Finally, chapter 4 rounds up some of the latest thinking in areas as diverse as adapting your environments for Generation Z, the value in creating data-literate communities across your organisations, and why emotions may not be the performance hindrance many consider them to be.

There will no doubt be numerous challenges ahead as we adapt to the new now, but here at Keiser we share the Leaders Performance Institute’s belief that your peers are an invaluable resource as we continue to navigate the pandemic and identify those competitive advantages that will stand us in good stead on the other side.

We hope you find a series of insights within these pages to help with your ongoing projects.

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