Leadership & Culture, Performance | Aug 19, 2020
The New York Giants Assistant General Manager discusses the team's efforts embedding a new coaching staff and navigating the innumerable challenges posed to an NFL team during the pandemic.

Kevin Abrams says the New York Giants are even more agile and adaptable as an organisation than he realised.

The Giants Assistant General Manager spoke to At Home With Leaders co-hosts Matthew Stone and Steve Gera of his pride in the staff during the pandemic.

“We’re very good at change and it’s good to know that we can do it and it’s good to remind everyone that we can do this on the regular.”

Also on the conversational agenda were:

– The NFL’s return to play, with bubbles not an option [8:30];

– Winning the pandemic amongst the NFL teams [13:30];

– How leadership structures are changing at the Giants [17:30];

– The impact of the potential suspensions in college football [25:00];

– How behavioural science can be used in an NFL context [34:00].

Steve Gera: Twitter | LinkedIn

Matthew Stone: Twitter | LinkedIn

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