Coaching & Development, Leadership & Culture, Performance | Jan 13, 2021
The former Wallabies Head Coach - now with the Lebanon men's rugby league team - explores the shifting landscape of leadership, managing social issues within a playing group, and the role of creativity in a gameplan.

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Michael Cheika, the renowned rugby coach who was recently appointed Head Coach of the Lebanon men’s rugby league team, explains that providing a safe environment for athletes is a good starting point when addressing social issues.

“One of the huge things with coaching and leading is creating a balanced environment for players to perform in,” he tells co-hosts Matthew Stone and Steve Gera. “Not ignoring anything and not going over the top; understanding exactly where the balance is.”

The management of social issues for the greater good of the team is just one of the questions posed on this edition of At Home With Leaders, which is brought to you by our Main Partners Keiser.

Also on the agenda were:

– The potentially overlooked importance of tactical skill acquisition [17:00];

– Balancing tactical structure with the need for creativity within a gameplan [20:00];

– Why it is important for a team to clarify what is meant by ‘risk taking’ in competition [25:30];

– Cheika’s recent switch from rugby union to rugby league [29:00].

Steve Gera: Twitter | LinkedIn

Matthew Stone: Twitter | LinkedIn

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