Leadership & Culture, Performance | Jun 17, 2020
The Performance Director of the LTA explains why COVID-19 is set to transform tennis forever and why this presents performance opportunities across the sport.

“‘Right, here’s our opportunity: ten years’ innovation in ten weeks’.”

That was the challenge Scott Lloyd, the Chief Executive of the Lawn Tennis Association [LTA], set to Simon Timson, the LTA’s Performance Director, at the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We’ve been looking more inwardly than outwardly,” Timson tells At Home With Leaders. “What are all the things we can do to give all our players a competitive advantage?”

It’s a question he answers at considerable length with co-hosts Matthew Stone, Leaders’ Senior Product Manager, and Steve Gera, the CEO of Gains Group, which helps some of sport’s greatest teams and athletes maximise the value of their data and technology.

Timson also discussed:

– His personal reflections during tennis’ shutdown [11:30];

– Why he feels players are going to become increasingly autonomous as we emerge from the pandemic [18:30];

– His theory that some sports could be set back two decades in terms of athlete support [21:30];

– The reasons he places such an emphasis on organisational alignment [37:30];

– His imminent appointment as the new Performance Director at English Premier League Manchester City [40:30].

Steve Gera: Twitter | LinkedIn

Matthew Stone: Twitter | LinkedIn

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