Leadership & Culture, Performance | Nov 13, 2020
The renowned Premier League and Championship manager reflects on his coaching career thus far and how it has shaped his approach to coaching the modern player.

“I want to enjoy walking into a building and I don’t want a situation where people will only sit on the same table to eat as those of a similar status,” says Nigel Pearson.

The renowned football manager, whose former clubs include Leicester [twice], Hull and, most recently, Watford, is discussing the environment he strives to create for athletes and staff alike when he enters a club.

Pearson, who is between projects, found the time to reflect on coaching the modern athlete for the Leaders State of Play Series.

Also on the conversational agenda were:

– His reasons why clarity in communication requires an understanding of the players’ needs [7:00];

– The reality that while you cannot force connections with younger players, compassion and empathy go a long way [9:30];

– Providing safe spaces where players can live shared values and behaviours [16:30];

– Having an open door policy as a manager but being economical with information [23:30].

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