Leadership & Culture, Performance | Oct 8, 2020
The renowned performance coach talks through modern team dynamics and the leadership lessons to be learned from our ancestors.

“There was a meta study that suggests that 70 percent of an individual’s behaviour is determined by whatever environment they are in,” says Owen Eastwood.

“That was the moment I could see it and that was the first verification of that truth.”

Eastwood is a performance coach who has profiled a variety of elite teams including the New Zealand All Blacks and Seattle Seahawks, and has worked with the England men’s national football team.

In a wide-ranging chat, Eastwood talks to co-hosts Matthew Stone and Luke Whitworth about why the fundamentals of what makes effective teams haven’t changed since human beings were hunter-gatherers 60,000 years ago.

Also on the agenda were:

– Why our ancestors’ insights into group dynamics are as relevant as ever [5:30];

– How an environment can disable your team strategy and vision if you’re not careful [15:00];

– The need to identify stories that create archetypes of the people you want your teams to be [20:00];

– Why genuine diversity stems from an environment of trust, leaders prepared to be vulnerable, and the comfort people feel in order to express ideas [34:00];

– A quickfire round of questions [38:30].

Matthew Stone: Twitter | LinkedIn

Luke Whitworth: Twitter | LinkedIn

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