Human Performance, Leadership & Culture, Performance, Summit Session | Jul 19, 2018
From Wall Street traders to world-class athletes.

What can sport learn from the goings on in Wall Street? That was the question that Denise Shull, Founder and CEO of the ReThink Group, was tasked with answering in the first session of the afternoon on day one. She delved into sustaining high performance, staving of complacency and performing under intense pressure. How aware are you of your emotional intelligence or your ability to make big decision at clutch moments?

Key takeaways

• Emotional neuroscience, it’s a revolution. If you want to be able to engage and develop the next generation, then you should encourage them to ask feel, and ask what is being felt, and why?
• In a strange turn of events, it turns out the assumed negative emotions such as fear, frustration anger (and so on) can actually produce very high level of performance, both as the individual and the team.
• Accept losses and negatives. If you recover better from a loss, a mistake or even a longer term slump in form, it will help you appreciate wins more, too.
• Accept uncertainty, it’s going to happen and it will always exist. Especially in sport. If you and your athletes can learn to thrive in the unknown, you’ll also become better risk takers.
• Wall Street is very similar to sport when it comes to analytics – you need a mix of data and gut feeling. Combine human feeling with computer driven analytics for the most optimal outcomes.
• Getting traders to realise that emotion is integral into their decision making is very important. This will be the same with your athletes – adopt it!
• It’s not only tackling emotion which is important, it’s the ability to get the athletes to talk about their emotions. Especially the negative ones. This build resilience and character.
• Positivity can be misapplied – research suggests that reward-seeking processes are activated by sadness. Why dwell on the negative when seeing the bright side is going to help you succeed?
• To find the solution to slumps in form, go back to the beginning. Have the courage to identify, feel and name all of the feelings from the initial mistake.

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