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By Matthew Stone

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6 questions, answered 

1. Matt – what’s new at the Leaders Performance Institute?

We’ve launched our new ‘State of Play’ content series, which looks at how the high performance landscape has and is evolving. We’re focusing on three main themes – The Concepts of Learning; The Modern Athlete; and The Power of Diverse Thinking.

I recorded a podcast with Stuart Worden, Principal of the BRIT School, last week. He’s excellent, as always.

Next up was our latest Special Report: The New Now: Navigating High Performance During an Ongoing Pandemic. Enjoy!

2. There’s still no ‘I’ in team, is there?

Absolutely not. It’s time to teach collaboration.

On the topic of schools, should education cultivate generalists or specialists?

3. What are the three things that great teams have in common?

1. Intellectual diversity

2. Psychological safety

3. A purpose worth fighting for

Find out more, here…

4. What are the three types of knowledge you’ll need to solve problems?

Techne, Episteme and Phronesis, according to Aristotle.

5. How can companies improve their decision-making process?

Five very useful tips in this guide from Quartz.

6. What Really Makes Us Resilient?

The truth.

The Digest, digested


Diversity and Equality – let’s do something about it

It’s a numbers game

3 tips for a smooth transition…

…into retirement.

 5 key insights…

…to build a better world.

5 key insights…

… into how successful people see the world. 

3 ways to motivate your team…

…through an extended crisis.

4 questions to ask yourself…

…to discover your greatest strengths.

7 strategies for…

…better group decision-making.


COVID Corner – because right now, we’re all in this together

Beware of the unicorn

That was the message from Dave Reddin, the former Head of Team Strategy and Performance at The FA. And when he says unicorn, he means a head coach who is seemingly untouchable and unquestionable. A flawed leadership concept? He may have a very good point.


I spoke to Danny Kerry (Head Coach, England & GB Hockey) a few weeks back on the podcast. He spoke about finding fulfilment beyond winning on the field (22mins in). It really struck a chord with me. I think it’s powerful. Here’s another eight secrets to a (fairly) fulfilled life.

Staying on track

In uncertain times, when the finish line is out of sight, it’s important to stay sharp. Here’s some tips and advice on doing just that.

Type less. Talk More

Because although sometimes speaking through a screen can get quicker responses, we shouldn’t forget the art of communication.

Busy culture

Sounds good right? ‘Busy’ means productive? Wrong, it can be toxic. Here are three strategies to combat it.

Mental Health – let’s talk about it


If first you don’t succeed


Gersson Rosas (Minnesota Timberwolves) and Alex Goode (Saracens Rugby) were my latest guests on the At Home With Leaders series. Enjoy!


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