Coaching & Development, Performance | Sep 24, 2020
The BRIT School’s Principal explores concepts of learning for young people in the creative arts.

“In adversity, young people usually have the answers,” says Stuart Worden. “They’re amazing, they’re extraordinary – if the conditions for their creativity are there for them.”

Worden is the Principal of the world-renowned BRIT School, a creative arts and technology school based in south London. Its alumni include artists Amy Winehouse, Adele and Hollywood actor Tom Holland.

Unsurprisingly, the school has been a continuing source of inspiration across high performance sport, with teams and organisations looking to tap into their wisdom around the creation of learning environments and nurturing creativity.

Worden himself appeared onstage at the 2015 Leaders Sport Performance Summit in London and was the ideal first guest in the Leaders State of Play Series.

Speaking to co-hosts Matthew Stone and Michael Caulfield, Worden also offered his musings on:

– Kindness and why it brings both a sense of adventure and courage help to develop young people [7:00];

– Why the most striking characteristic of young learners is their fragility [14:00];

– The mistakes that can be made in judging talented young people [27:00];

– Encouraging young people to take risks and not be afraid to fail [33:00].

Michael Caulfield: Twitter | LinkedIn

Matthew Stone: Twitter | LinkedIn

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