Leadership & Culture Performance | 29.11.18

How Does Red Bull Racing Calculate Risk?

Team Principal Christian Horner says that risk is part of the fun but it is always highly calculated by the team.

“As our Chairman says, ‘No risk, no fun,'” Christian Horner tells the Leaders Performance Institute. The Team Principal of Formula 1’s Red Bull Racing says that his team looks to embrace risk but does so in a calculated fashion.

That involves data and there may be no sport more data-heavy than Formula 1 but, for all those innumerable inputs, it still comes back to Horner sitting at the top and having to make decisions based on what he is being told. “You need to stick to your principles and trust your instincts,” he comments. It is a method that has served him and Red Bull well in claiming their four drivers’ and and four constructors’ world championships and, with preparations for the 2019 season long since underway, the team will hope that their new engine will give them the power needed to return to the top. Horner, who was speaking before going onstage to speak at the 2018 London Leaders Sport Performance Summit, also delves into the never-ending process of learning while demonstrating what he terms “instinctive decisiveness”.

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