Human Performance, Performance | May 15, 2019
The renowned author, speaker, and human performance & wellbeing coach discusses his new book The Passion Paradox.

Passion is an important consideration for athletes and coaches alike but how do you harness that passion while also avoiding burnout?

By John Portch

That is one of the major questions addressed by Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness in their latest book The Passion Paradox. “This book is about learning to control your passions so that it doesn’t control you,” explains Stulberg in this exclusive interview with the Leaders Performance Podcast.

“And if you can control your passion then it might be the most powerful force not only for performance but a good, fulfilling life. If you have passion and you can’t control it, it’s a slippery slope to something that looks more like addiction.”

In a tightly-packed agenda Stulberg also delves into:

  • Why his views on the subject put him at odds with Jon Bon Jovi [3:30];
  • How coaches can help athletes find harmonious rather than obsessive passion [10:30];
  • Prevention vs promotion mindsets and the fear of failure [15:30];
  • The misconceptions around meditation and mindfulness [23:00];
  • How athletes can control narratives, which quickly become self-fulfilling prophecies [26:40].

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