Leadership & Culture, Performance | Jan 28, 2019
Leinster Senior Coach Stuart Lancaster wraps up his exploration of the theme of connection & extension in leadership with the 10 qualities that enable coaches to establish firm bonds with their athletes and support staff.

Stuart Lancaster believes that the formidable coaching dynasties of the NFL are a consequence of strong bonds between the leader and those being lead – bonds that can be built with a little skill.

“I often look at the great American football coaches who seem to have a dynasty of former players who become coaches and think what a great thing that would be,” he says in the latest instalment of Lessons with Lancaster.

Lancaster’s first slide in this presentation features Atlanta Falcons Head Coach Dan Quinn, whom he worked with prior to the Falcons’ run to Super Bowl LI.  Quinn wanted Lancaster, who is now serving as Leinster’s Senior Coach, to instruct his roster in rugby-style tackling. An experience Lancaster later shared with the Leaders Performance Institute.

Watch as Lancaster explains how Quinn and coaches of his calibre possess 10 qualities that enable them to establish firm and long-lasting bonds with their athletes and support staff.

These qualities include:

  • The self-confidence to screen the information at hand.
  • An ability to acknowledge emotional contracts with your athletes and staff.
  • A willingness and ability to create ‘wins’ for people around you as you seek to enhance relationships.

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