Leadership & Culture, Performance | Jan 21, 2019
Leinster Senior Coach Stuart Lancaster explains how a leader can work on selling their vision to the wider organisation.

Whether you are introverted or extroverted, you can still be a good leader. That is the view of Leinster Rugby Senior Coach Stuart Lancaster, who describes himself as more introverted in character.

As he made his name in the coaching game it was something he knew he would find himself in front of players, coaches and other senior stakeholders. “In order to connect with people, in order to sell your vision or plan for the future, it requires you to stand in front of people and sell it,” says Lancaster at the start of this latest installment in his ongoing series.

Watch as Lancaster builds on his introduction to the topic of connection and extension to lay out his advice for those who find themselves standing in front of a crowded locker room or board room tasked with selling a vision.

His tips include:

  • Finding time to recharge your personal batteries
  • Recognise where to have those key conversations
  • Take steps to build your emotional capital

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