Leadership & Culture, Performance | May 8, 2020
Sir Dave Brailsford, the Team Principal of Team INEOS, shares the cycling team's approach to sport's shutdown and his thoughts on optimising what he calls the discretionary aspects of athlete performance.

Sir Dave Brailsford and Team INEOS may be handling sports coronavirus-enforced shutdown better than most sports organisations.

“As a team, we don’t have a facility base,” the INEOS Team Principal begins in explanation. “We go to a race, we work together, and then we have to work very much geographically dispersed; a lot of the time it’s conference calls, Zoom calls – the way that everyone is working at the minute is familiar to us… we’re not racing, but it feels like a ramped-up business-as-usual to us.”

Nevertheless, Brailsford provided some typically thought-provoking insights during his appearance on At Home With Leaders, where he spoke to co-hosts Matthew Stone, Leaders’ Senior Product Manager, and sports psychologist and consultant Michael Caulfield, whose clients include Brentford FC, Northampton Saints RFC and Hampshire CCC.

Up for discussion were:

– Team INEOS’ three-stage approach to managing its organisation during the pandemic [6:00];

– Brushing off the envy of rivals and fellow competitors [23:00];

– Environmental factors that impact on what he terms the ‘discretionary’ aspects of performance [29:00];

– How his recent illness changed his perspective on work and life [37:00].

Michael Caulfield: Twitter | LinkedIn

Matthew Stone: Twitter | LinkedIn

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