Leadership & Culture, Performance | May 15, 2020
The Leinster Rugby Senior Coach describes the changes afoot for the world of rugby union and beyond as a consequence of COVID-19.

“We’re all in this enforced plateau period but I think it can be a really good thing,” says Stuart Lancaster.

The Leinster Senior Coach is talking online amidst the “towels and rubbish” of his son’s student house in Leeds – a move forced by the meagre WiFi available at the main Lancaster residence.

Whether or not this parental jibe is justified, we’re in no position to say, but if anyone was going to use the enforced downtime for self-reflection it was likely to be Lancaster.

“Someone once told me,” he says, “your journey as a leader starts on an upward curve and there comes a moment when you plateau as a leader, then you take that ‘time out’, then you grow again and move on.”

Lancaster is speaking to co-hosts Matthew Stone, Leaders’ Senior Product Manager, and sports psychologist and consultant Michael Caulfield, whose clients include Brentford FC, Northampton Saints RFC and Hampshire CCC.

Also on the conversational agenda were:

– How the structure of the global game will change in rugby union [6:30];

– The importance of the leader getting down to the gym floor [15:00];

– The four tenets of Lancaster’s leadership philosophy and why confidence grows from competence [16:30];

– The rationale behind making changes before they are necessary [22:30].

Michael Caulfield: Twitter | LinkedIn

Matthew Stone: Twitter | LinkedIn

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