Human Performance, Performance | Apr 27, 2020
The Calgary Flames' Head Strength & Conditioning Coach describes the team's excellent training culture and the importance of senior pros setting an example.

Welcome to the latest episode in our occasional series of podcasts from the Leaders Performance Institute and our partners Keiser.

In this latest episode, Leaders Performance Institute Editor John Portch caught up with Ryan Van Asten.

Van Asten is the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach of the NHL’s Calgary Flames.

On his watch, the Flames have established the league’s best third period record, one of the best overtime records, and one of the teams who have lost the fewest gamedays through injury.

It comes from the team’s excellent training culture, which sees buy-in to strength & conditioning programmes from across the playing group

Also up for discussion were:

  • Van Asten’s career path to date [4:40];
  • Conversations with coaches and feedback on training loads [9:20];
  • In-season programming, both on and off the road [13:00];
  • Knowing, as an S&C coach, when to ‘get out of your own way’ [20:30].

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