Data & Innovation, Human Performance, Performance | Jun 5, 2019
The LA Dodgers' Head Strength & Conditioning Coach on the development of athlete management systems in Major League Baseball.

Welcome to the second in a new series of podcasts from the Leaders Performance Institute and our partners Kinduct.

By John Portch

Over the course of this series you’ll hear from human performance experts across the world discussing best practice, the role of performance data, and what the future of athlete and intelligence management systems might look like.

Episode 1 with Kevin Forbes, Enterprise Product Manager at Kinduct, is available here.

For this episode, we sat down with Brandon McDaniel, the Head of Strength & Conditioning at the Los Angeles Dodgers.

He talked about the evolution of athlete management systems during his time in MLB and how he works to fill performance gaps for the athletes on the Dodgers’ roster.

We also discussed:

  • How the Dodgers came into their own as a performance staff, evolving beyond mere spreadsheets in their use of data [3:00];
  • The importance of consolidating workflows if you are to work as an effective interdisciplinary team [6:30];
  • How technology is allowing the Dodgers to ask new and different performance questions [9:40];
  • The development of S&C protocols with the advent of data [16:00];
  • Surprises in his role and why staff members need to think like a player [18:50].

Regardless of whether you’re a coach just trying to track and train your athletes or a performance director leading multiple staff and juggling a variety of data sources, Kinduct’s athlete intelligence and management systems will help you better understand your athletes to drive improved performance.

Kinduct’s broad range of tools allows you to consolidate various athlete data sources, analyze that information for actionable insights, collaborate on programming across multiple departments or locations, and deliver that plan through a variety of athlete-facing engagement solutions.

Find out what hundreds of elite sport organizations already know and let Kinduct help provide you with the right information, with the right tools, at the right time, to help inform your decisions.

For more information, check out kinduct.com.

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