Coaching & Development, Leadership & Culture, Performance | Nov 19, 2020
The double World Cup-winning coach discusses change strategies, managing different personalities, and the traits of serial winners.

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“When you go through change,” says Jill Ellis, “a lot of it is continuing to talk about culture and the team-first environment you create, but it’s also about building in strategies to make this team feel that every single person is important and every single person matters.”

The two-time Fifa Women’s World Cup-winning coach – who also won the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2019 Leaders Sports Awards – appeared on the latest edition of At Home With Leaders, where she delves into the transition that the US women’s national team [USWNT] undertook between the 2015 and 2019 tournaments.

Ellis, who currently serves as the Development Director of US Soccer, also talked to co-hosts Matthew Stone and Steve Gera about topics that included:

– Establishing a higher purpose with the USWNT [7:30];

– How knowing your team sets the tone for its evolution [16:30];

– Identifying and using the strengths of her support staff [19:30];

– Her approach to risk-taking at both college and international level [29:00];

– Setting the narrative, roles and expectations of both players and staff during periods of transition [31:00].

Steve Gera: Twitter | LinkedIn

Matthew Stone: Twitter | LinkedIn

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