Technologies advancements are transforming sport from the top down; driven by AI and next-generation tracking and data processing, competitive advantages are being eked out at the elite level, and we’re entering a new era of fan engagement experiences. And a gamified, community-led approach to digital is leading to grassroots gains too.


Technological breakthroughs in the creation and distribution of content as well as rapidly shifting consumer behaviours are impacting the way we watch sport. How will sport adapt in a new era of immersive platforms and new media models?


Machine learning and sophisticated approaches to data management are transforming entire industries. Sport is on the cusp of fundamental change too, with impact anticipated on revenue models, management approaches, and strategic partnerships.


A new breed of leaders with a 360-view of sports operations is emerging. The performance innovators of tomorrow have a fundamental grasp on the business issues that underpin their sports today. But a new perspective and a new set of skills are required to bridge the gap.

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