Leaders Podcast: Al Guido

Episode 25: In conversation with the San Francisco 49ers President.

What does the next generation in-stadium experience look like? How does a tech-focused sports stadium stay ahead of the game? When will the NFL bring in jersey sponsorship patches?

These were just three of the questions put to San Francisco 49ers President Al Guido when he visited the Leaders office in London earlier this month.

At 38 years old, Guido is one of the youngest operational leaders in the NFL. Having held senior executive roles at hospitality and sales agency Legends and the Dallas Cowboys before formally joining the 49ers in 2014, Guido is already one of the most seasoned commercial thinkers operating in football today.

In the interview, which begins at 16:46, Guido covers:

– His international research into the best sporting experiences;
– Stadium tech and in-seat deliveries: the real numbers;
– Winning off the field despite losing on it;
– The next breakthrough in in-stadium revenue generation models;
– Gambling, jersey patches and future NFL revenue streams.

The interview is preceded by a Leaders Podcast debut for new Leaders Head of Content David Cushnan, who ushers in a new era with a new feature: Cushnan’s Conversational Crumbs (working title). On the agenda: SBJ’s 50 Most Influential list, Donald Trump’s impact on the sports industry, and a word on MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred.

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