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5 Minutes with Leaders: Christian Seifert, Bundesliga

The Bundesliga CEO on milestone moments, growth trajectory and golden opportunities.

Christian Seifert has been the Chief Executive Officer of the Bundesliga since 2005 and is responsible for the strategic orientation and overall leadership of the DFL (Deutsche Fußball Liga). He has overseen revenues of over €10 billion from media rights, which is a 287% increase since the 2005/06 season. Furthermore, Seifert is also Vice President of the DFB (Deutscher Fußball-Bund) and a member of the board of the League Association.

Interviewed backstage at the Leaders Sport Business Summit in New York in March earlier this year, Seifert discusses the historical difficulties the league has endured, the milestone moments in his tenure, the league’s trajectory for growth and what he sees as the golden opportunities that lie ahead.

The Sport Business Summit

21 July 2017

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