Leaders Podcast: Behind the Scenes at Leaders

In conversation with Sir Dave Brailsford, Nic Coward, Rich Gotham, Irina Pavlova and more.

Marketing industry bellwether Sir Martin Sorrell kicked off this year’s Leaders Sport Business Summit and he kickstarted this behind-the-scenes podcast too. Nic Coward, the man tasked with interviewing Sir Martin, gives his assessment of the discussion.

This collection of conversations also includes:

– Sir Dave Brailsford on a turn as questioner rather than questioned as he reflects on a conversation with Billy Beane – very much Marginal Gains meets Moneyball.

– Rich Gotham, President of the Boston Celtics, talking about cold meets before he’s interrupted by Philadelphia 76ers CEO Scott O’Neil and a discussion on NBA jersey patches, dynamic ticketing and more ensues.

– Irina Pavlova, former President of Onexim Sports & Entertainment, on an intimidating run out with WWE chief brand officer Stephanie McMahon and her plans for a new role in London.

– Reflections on monetizing digital platforms – with insight from FT CEO John Ridding, Conde Nast’s Dolly Jones and Keith Grossman from Bloomberg via Omnigon Chief Commercial Officer Dave Nugent.

– Lewis Wiltshire on Legendary Entertainment’s Matt Marolda and Moneyball for movies and the major social platforms and their likely – or unlikely –  moves into sport.

– Gerry Cardinale, founder and CEO of RedBird Capital, and the man behind the creation of the YES Network and Legends Hospitality, on where to find the real value in sport.

Listen to the podcast below, or subscribe to ‘the Leaders Podcast’ today on iTunes, Stitcher or your chosen podcast platform.


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