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Leaders Podcast: Giles Morgan

In conversation with HSBC's Global Head of Sponsorship & Events.

This week’s guest is Giles Morgan, global head of sponsorship & events at HSBC.

HSBC spends hundreds of millions of dollars annually on sponsorship activity – and receives 11,000 sponsorship requests per year – and as you’ll hear from the first topic of conversation, we discuss how to break through the noise with your pitch to Giles and his team.

Also on the agenda:

  •  How the HSBC sponsorship team keeps up with the bank’s business objectives – no mean feat for a global organisation of 250,000 employees;
  •  How to deal with internal pushback on marketing decisions;
  • The bank’s flagship sponsorships in golf and rugby, as well as it’s fabulously successful and highly visible long-running airbridge advertising campaign – we might also find out what Giles’s favourite airport is;
  • The bank’s new deal with British Cycling and why cycling is increasingly appealing to the marketing teams at financial institutions;
  • And we find out how, working in an organisation of data-loving bankers, HSBC measures sponsorship ROI.

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21-24 May 2018

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