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Leaders Special Report: Fan Engagement

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Sport no longer starts or finishes with the peep of a whistle or the crack of a pistol. It’s a 24/7 treadmill of rolling news, views, behind-the-scenes snippets, trails, analysis, trivia, statistics and other snackable bits and pieces.

Fan engagement has never been more important, nor have there ever been more tools available to do it in a creative and measurable manner.

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Couch, touchscreen, engage

Digital engagement, how it’s done and what it’s for.


The rules of engagement

A six-step guide to working your fanbase online.


Case studies

This year’s U.S. Open, one of golf’s four Majors, began on 15th June, and, in timely fashion, we bring you the inside story of the USGA’s digital transformation, and profile the NFL’s digital portfolio for good measure.


Leaders 10

Ten of the most innovative digital in-venue experiences in global sport identified.


This report has been produced by Leaders with the support of digital fan engagement specialists Omnigon. The report is free to download and requires a basic set of details. We will not share these details with any third party, but if you’re happy for us to share them with Omnigon – and Omnigon alone – then please do tick the box where prompted.

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