Leaders Sport Business Podcast: Sheila Johnson & Kristin Bernert

In conversation with the Monumental Sports & Entertainment Co-Owner & the Madison Square Garden Company SVP of Business Operations.

Behind-the-scenes at Leaders Meet: Innovation | Ted Leonsis’ warning on sports betting | Sheila Johnson (5.20) on diversity and the WNBA | Kristin Bernert (28.30) on enhancing the experience at MSG.

By James Emmett

Episode 50 of the Leaders Sport Business Podcast lifts back the curtain on the Leaders Meet: Innovation event at BAFTA in London on 17th January and features conversations with Monumental Sports & Entertainment Co-Owner and Vice-Chair Sheila Johnson, SBJ basketball writer John Lombardo, and Madison Square Garden Company SVP of Business Operations Kristin Bernert.

On the agenda:

– The NBA’s approach to sports betting;

– Sheila Johnson on opening the doors for women and people of colour in sport;

– The future prospects of the WNBA;

– How the World’s Most Famous Arena remains so famous;

– Celebrity outreach programmes for the Knicks’ front row.

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