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In conversation with Facebook video monetisation guru Yoav Arnstein.

One-on-one with video monetisation guru Yoav Arnstein | Olympics in peril | First thoughts on Clubhouse.

Episode 104 of the Leaders Sport Business Podcast sees us delve deep into the mechanics of Facebook’s monetisation machine with the social giant’s Director of Product Management Yoav Arnstein (conversation starts at 15:30). 

Video monetisation is arguably the top priority for any of the major sports publishers – including rights holders across the sporting spectrum – on Facebook, and Arnstein leads the development and roll out of the monetisation tools that the platform provides. He is one of the key internal stakeholders informing – and being informed by – the sports strategy that Peter Hutton and his team have been developing as Facebook has evolved its formal relationship with sport.

On the conversational agenda:

– The role video plays in fostering community; and the role community plays in monetisation strategies;

– How Facebook currently monetises video, and why in-stream ads and pay-per-view are about to get big on the platform in 2021;

“There are different expectations in terms of the monetisation opportunities we provide in sports content. There are two things we’ve started to scale this year that address that. 1) In-stream ads. 2) Paid access – a pay-per-view solution. We’ve seen tremendous adoption over the last three months and hope we will get sports partners to work with us over the next year on that.” Yoav Arnstein, Facebook’s Director of Product Management.

– How the product roadmap is developed and implemented at Facebook, and the reason that traditional sports media products might not yet have been developed;

– Arnstein’s view on the video monetisation strategies in play at Amazon, YouTube and Facebook’s other major competitors;

– How Facebook attempts to find the balance between commercialisation and positive user experience.


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