China, Governance & Commercial Growth, Leaders Podcast | Mar 16, 2018
In conversation with China Sports Insider's Mark Dreyer.

Just what exactly are the transfer rules in the Chinese Super League? Is another global player acquisition frenzy around the corner? Will others follow where Wang Jianlin has led in moving money away from foreign assets and back to domestic sports entities? Episode 32 of the Leaders podcast will have a stab at addressing all these questions, and more.

By James Emmett

The Chinese Super League has come a long way since its foundation in 2004. With China’s football reforms having called for a tangible split between commercial and logistical operations at the league and its governance overseers at the Chinese Football Association, the decision-making process across Chinese football is nevertheless still fairly labyrinthine and opaque. 

In this episode of the Leaders podcast, Beijing-based journalist and presenter Mark Dreyer – the man behind the China Sports Insider sports business news and analysis site – gives his first-hand view on the development of Chinese football, and the direction of travel for sport and sports investments in China.

On the agenda:

– Wang Jianlin and Wanda’s return to Dalian;

– Transfer business, player tax, and how it works;

– Decision making, and how it does and doesn’t happen;

– Why Chinese players tend to be late developers;

– President Xi Jinping’s move to scrap presidential term limits and what it means for sport.

Listen to the interview below, and subscribe today on iTunes, Stitcher, Overcast, or your chosen podcast platform.

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