Brand Engagement, Brands & Sponsorship, Digital & Media, Partnerships, Sports Marketing | Dec 18, 2020
In conversation with the Adidas VP of Brand.

Making a brand impact with Arsenal and Manchester United | Using influencers to authenticate and embody your brand | Breaking through the noise in a busy 2021.

Episode 101 of the Leaders Sport Business Podcast features a conversation with Adidas VP of Brand for North Europe, Chris Walsh (starts at 2:41). Working across product range planning, brand marketing, advertising, creative and retail marketing, Walsh plays a key role in bringing the sportswear giant’s sports and culture partnerships to life, chief among them the global deals with Arsenal and Manchester United, and new local partnerships with Glasgow Celtic and Leeds United.

The episode also includes a brief discussion with Andy Childs (starts at 16.27), who leads ‘connection planning’ for Facebook in Europe, consulting with the top 100 brands on the platform on how to use digital marketing to drive business growth. 

On the conversation agenda:

– The three pillars supporting all Adidas partnership marketing efforts;

– The 18-month design-to-sales lifecycle of a 21st Century football kit;

– How Adidas works with influencers to embody and authenticate the brand;

– Andy Childs’ tips for using digital marketing to break through the clutter in 2021;

– Building Arsenal campaigns around the strengths and skillsets of Ian Wright;

– Lessons in marketing from a tumultuous 2020.

“Ian Wright links the past and the present together in a really authentic way. He’s built into the fabric of Arsenal. He’s the centre point of the campaign because he links the modern players and modern fans with the history of the club and the history of Arsenal and Adidas.” Chris Walsh, Adidas

adidas Originals and Arsenal have released a second retro-inspired Originals collection, launched by Arsenal legends and current players including Vivianne Miedema, David Luiz, Ian Wright, David Seaman and more.



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