Sport Business The XX Series | 18.12.17

Facebook and Women’s Sport: The Opportunity to Innovate

Women’s sport presents a blank canvass on which to paint new commercial models

Women’s sport does not yet attract the same level of revenues as men’s sport does. Some would argue that, based on the current set of established commercial models in sport, it never will.

So, with relatively little to lose in the current system of operation, what’s stopping broadcasters, brands, platforms and rights holders from trying something new with a sporting product that’s experiencing an uplift in popularity?

In this short video from the latest Leaders Generation XX Series think tank event, Facebook’s EMEA Sports Partnerships Lead Jerry Newman tackles this questions, and offers his view on how women’s sport can take the next commercial leap forward.

Jerry Newman was speaking at the Leaders Generation XX Series Think Tank event in November. The Leaders Generation XX Series is designed to provide a year-round platform to discuss and stimulate growth in women’s sport ─ forging better understanding and connections between sport and business to develop the conversation and accelerate the pace of change. This will be done through a series of physical events and regular online content.

Leaders Meet: Innovation

11 January 2018

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