Diversity, Growth, Sport Business | Aug 13, 2021
In conversation with the new Chief Executive of Lewes FC, Maggie Murphy

Lungi Macebo talks about her journey towards becoming COO of Birmingham City FC, and Director of Women in Football, and cites the hurdles she’s faced and had to overcome along the way.

Lungi accredits her rapid ascension through the football industry since joining Charlton Athletic in 2014 to her curiosity and willingness to learn. That mindset and work ethic has given her a sense of conviction when it comes to decision-making and a rise in confidence in her abilities. She says, “When I know I’m certain about something and I know I’m certain it’s the right thing to do, I will absolutely put my foot down.”

Lungi was chosen for this conversation by Maggie Murphy, CEO of Lewes FC, with topics on the agenda including:

  • How football clubs can be pulled into the 21st century
  • How Lungi is learning to say “no”
  • Her reaction to some people doing a double take when they meet her for the first time
  • The capacity of football to address racism on the pitch
  • How the business side of clubs can take inspiration from Academy managers



Chain Conversations is part of the Leaders Meet: Diversity Series, in partnership with Facebook.

The programme brings together leaders from a variety of backgrounds across professional sport to share their personal stories of leadership and to reflect on their own career journeys, pinpointing the peaks and troughs, the helps and hinderances along the way.

Every other week the previous interviewee will become the interviewer as we hear inspiring stories from aspiring and senior leaders within the professional sports industry.

The aim is to inspire, to energise, and to showcase why diverse thinking – and diverse opportunity – makes for better business across sport and beyond.


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