5 Minutes with Leaders: Didier Quillot

The LFP CEO on Ligue 1's internationalisation strategy, his assessment of how the league compares to others across Europe and the opportunities ahead for French professional football.
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Didier Quillot is Chief Executive Officer of Ligue de Football Professionel (LFP), the organisation that manages the sales and marketing activities of French professional football.

Quillot was named CEO in March 2016. During his tenure so far, Brazil’s footballing maestro, Neymar, has transferred to Paris Saint Germain, Olympique de Marseille have reached the Europa League final and the organisation has advanced its internationalisation strategy in an effort to captivate an ever-growing global audience; the country’s domestic game appears in good health and on the international scene France isn’t doing too badly either, with the national team recently winning the FIFA World Cup for a second time.

Prior to his LFP role, Quillot served as CEO of Orange France, President of the Board of Lagardère Active and President of Coyote System.

In this short interview, recorded backstage at Leaders Week New York in May, Quillot discusses the internationalisation strategy of the LFP brand, offers his assessment of how the league compares to others across Europe and whether the so-called ‘FANGS’ – Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google- are an opportunity or a threat for sport.

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