Broadcast Growth Sport Business | 15.11.18

5 Minutes with Leaders: Andrea Radrizzani

Andrea Radrizzani reflects on his time at Leeds United thus far; the challenges of football ownership; and plans for Premier League promotion.

Andrea Radrizzani became the sole owner of EFL Championship side, Leeds United FC in June 2017.

Andrea Radrizzani made his fortune selling the rights to broadcast football, particularly the Premier League, all over the world as Co-Founder of MP & Silva. In 2017 he chose to spend a sizeable chunk of that fortune on rescuing a historic club who have been outside of English top-flight football for well over a decade, Leeds United FC.

He is also Founder and Group Chairman of Aser Group, the umbrella organisation for Eleven Sports Network, the streaming service which operates in a growing number of territories and launched in the UK earlier this year.

In this short interview, recorded backstage at The Leaders Sport Business Summit, London in October 2018, Radrizzani reflects on the past 18 months as the sole owner of Leeds; discusses how he copes with criticism from the fans and the media; and gives a little preview of the celebration plans should the club be promoted into the Premier League for the 2019/20 season.

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20 - 23 May 2019

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