Diversity, Growth, Sport Business | Oct 29, 2020

CONCACAF’S Jason Roberts interviews Tongue Tied Management’s Jo Tongue in the next edition of the Leaders Meet: Diversity Chain Conversations Series.

Following his discussion with Kate Sloane of TEAM Marketing, Jason Roberts, Director of Development at CONCACAF, takes on the leading role in the next edition of the Chain Conversations Series; this time speaking with Founder & CEO of Tongue Tied Management, Jo Tongue.

Kicking off her career at the BBC as a producer on shows such as Inside Sport and Fight Talk, Jo has a career spanning over 15 years in the fields of sports & production. Via her sports management agency ‘Tongue Tied Management’, Jo represents some of the UK’s best known sportspeople and personalities, working as an intermediary to secure commercial and sponsorship opportunities for sportsmen & women; to placing pundits, presenters and commentators across mainstream networks.

A trustee of both the Michael Carrick and Jason Robert Foundations, Jo is also a Director of Women in Football; a network of professional women working in and around the football industry who support and champion their peers.

The conversation covers:

  • Jo’s entry point into the world of sports agency
  • The skill of leveraging, contacts, networks and building bridges
  • The qualities of today’s leaders
  • Finding your passion point, and focusing on what you’re good at
  • The power of diversity & inclusion within an organisation
  • The rise of women’s football, and the challenges ahead
  • Why teamwork is the cornerstone of business success



Chain Conversations is part of the Leaders Meet: Diversity Series, in partnership with Facebook.

The programme brings together leaders from a variety of backgrounds across professional sport to share their personal stories of leadership and to reflect on their own career journeys, pinpointing the peaks and troughs, the helps and hinderances along the way.

Every other week the previous interviewee will become the interviewer as we hear inspiring stories from aspiring and senior leaders within the professional sports industry.

The aim is to inspire, to energise, and to showcase why diverse thinking – and diverse opportunity – makes for better business across sport and beyond.


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