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Leaders Podcast: Behind the Scenes at Leaders iii

In conversation with the EFL, Milwaukee Bucks, Minnesota Vikings, Chicago Bulls, the IOC and more.

With all these snackable digital tidbits around, is there room for a full three-course content dinner? A few months into the EFL’s international OTT venture, how is the new service performing? How have the Milwaukee Bucks built the fan experience into the design concept for their new arena? Why is the data on in-stadium queuing times trying to lie to you? And if the Seattle Sounders had a sound, what sound would it be?

All these questions answered, and many more besides, in this, the third and final podcast instalment from behind-the-scenes at Leaders Week.

In a series of backstage conversations recorded at the Social Fanlytics event, and the Ultimate Fan Experience, you’ll hear from:

– EFL Marketing Director Drew Barrand

– Minnesota Vikings Executive Director of Digital and Innovation Scott Kegley

– Infront Sports & Media’s Media and Marketing Competence Centre Director David Cipullo

– Milwaukee Bucks President Peter Feigin

– IOC Head of Sports Partnerships and Coordination Jenny Mann

– Chicago Bulls Behavioural Scientist Kevin Brilliant

– Seattle Sounders Chief Operating Officer Bart Wiley

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Leaders Meet: Innovation

17 January 2019

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