China, Digital & Media, Leaders Podcast, Sport Business | Mar 22, 2020
In conversation with Red Lantern's Head of Content & the Australian Open's Head of Digital Strategy.

The greenshoots of recovery in China | Tips and insight from China’s quarantined workforce | The situation in Australia | The Australian Open’s bushfire relief work. 

Episode 74 of the Leaders Sport Business Podcast sees Red Lantern’s Head of Content Victor Lin (conversation starts at 10:25) and the Australian Open’s Head of Digital Strategy Finn Bradshaw (conversation starts at 34:04) chat down the line to James Emmett and David Cushnan for another edition of At Home with Leaders.

Based in Chengdu in China’s Sichuan province, Lin leads digital media agency Red Lantern’s content team, delivering services for western sports entities looking to drive engagement with Chinese consumers. Clients include Wimbledon, Formula 1 and Premier League side Liverpool.

Based in Melbourne, Bradshaw joined the Australian Open from Cricket Australia last year, and led the tennis tournament’s digital department to a record year in 2020, in the midst of the wildfires that devastated swathes of the country, and just a few weeks before the global COVID-19 outbreak began to wreak its own havoc. 

On the conversational agenda:

– The slow return to normality in China;

– Living and working through quarantine – how to do it;

– The social media trends from China’s lockdown period and why they’re not what you would have expected;

– How to drive engagement with sports fans without live product;

– Dealing with the bushfires at the Australian Open;

– Contingency planning and building up a communications ‘trust bank’;

– Muddy rain;

– Getting the tone right for the downtime.



Let us know what you’d like to talk about and who you’d like to hear from on At Home with Leaders. @JamesEmmett and @DavidCushnan on Twitter. 

Stay safe, keep in touch.

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