Brand Engagement, Digital, Future Trends, Growth, Sport Business | Aug 9, 2018
The LEGO Group CMO on her assessment of the brand, the secret sauce to inspiring and engaging kids and whether digital is 'the enemy' when trying to breakthrough sedentary behaviours.

As Chief Marketing Officer at the LEGO Group, Julia Goldin is responsible for leading and inspiring the creation of LEGO play experiences which excite and educate kids.

Goldin is responsible for a diverse team that is at the core of the LEGO brand. Her role includes developing the product portfolio and experience, as well as the marketing and building of the brand – essentially, telling the stories of how millions of kids play and learn with LEGO through content, communication and digital channels.

During her time with the LEGO Group, Goldin has led the team which launched the brand’s award winning safe social media platform for kids called LEGO LIFE; two highly successful movies – LEGO Batman Movie and LEGO Ninjago Movie; and new products which integrate innovative digital technology to enhance play experiences for kids.



Prior to joining the LEGO in 2014, Goldin was Global Chief Marketing Officer at Revlon. She also had a 13 year career with the Coca-Cola Company, where she held several senior global and regional marketing roles.

In this short interview, recorded backstage at Leaders Week New York in May, Goldin discusses what the LEGO brand means to her, reveals the secret sauce when it comes to reaching and engaging with kids and offers her perspective on whether digital is ‘the enemy’ when it comes to sedentary lifestyles amongst the young generation.


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